And then …. DIE HARD!

Halleluwahhits and DIE HARD
Die Hard – ‘Die Hard’ (Halleluwah Hits)

Die Hard are an intriguing bunch, made even more so by the mystery surrounding who they actually are.  Hailing from Glasgow and known simply as Adam, Craig and Ryan, they don’t have an online presence to speak of, bar the reviews of their debut EP, and what photographs are available have their faces obscured.  Their first studio offering does little to penetrate this self-imposed anonymity – it ricochets unpredictably between triumphant choral sections and discordant, menacing synths, leaving the listener slightly bewildered, but nevertheless impressed.

Die Hard, formed in 2011.  Three friends spending months in a flat in the city centre recording their long awaited debut long player (“LP” for those of you who forgot!).

Die Hards sound is a blend of Glasgows dark humour mixed with strong melodies + strange textures. Songs that ask questions about the telling of lies, revenge & lust.

Die Hard release their debut LP on Halleluwah Hits on 27th Febuary 2012, on both mp3 and committed to 12″ heavyweight pure virgin white vinyl.

Listen to a selection of tracks from the album here

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