Animoog Gets Three Expansion Packs Based On Vintage Moog Gear


Moog Music offers released three new sound libraries for Animoog, its software synth for the iPad.

The particular Animoog expansion packs – Monster Moog , Vintage Vibe & Vintage FX – are based on the particular sounds of vintage Moog equipment.

Here are the details:

Monster Moog Expansion Pack

167 Timbres and 48 presets. This massive expansion pack has been crafted using harmonic content extracted from new and classic Moog instruments including a System 15 Do it yourself, Minitaur, 904a Filter, Freq Container, Bode Frequency Shifter, Sub Phatty, and more.

Classic Vibe Expansion Pack

114 Timbres and fouthy-six presets. This expansion pack was created using vintage synthesizer VCOs and Filters to shape unique timbral content, resulting in Timbres and Presets with the sound and vibe of the beloved synths of the 1980? s.

Vintage FX Growth Pack

41 presets and 53 timbres. This particular expansion pack’s Timbral content has been extracted from a wealth of vintage modular, rack, and stomp box effects including multiple analog gaps, phasers, frequency shifters, resonant filters, & vocal phase filters.

The new expansion packs are available as in-app purchases for Animoog.

Check out the audio demos and let us know what you think about the new expansion packs for Animoog!

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