Arturia iMini v1. 2, Now With iOS7 Compatibility

Thursday, Arturia announced an update of its iMini app, to version 1 . 2, an iOS 7-supporting update to its recreation of the 1971-vintage Minimoog monosynth for the iPad.

The advances to the iMini app take advantage of iOS 7′s built-in Inter-App Audio, allowing users to send MIDI commands and stream audio among apps on the same device. Using its brand new iOS 7-supporting INTERAPP AUDIO TRANSPORTATION feature, iMini v1. 2 can simply connect and control other similarly-supportive apps.

The iMini v 1 . 2 update is free for current iMini customers. And for every new customer buying the iMini app, Arturia will keep on their tradition of making a gift to The Bob Moog Foundation. Consequently, this supports the dream of building the Moogseum (Bob Moog Museum), the particular convergence of The Bob Moog Base? s goals of inspiring plus educating people through electronic music.

Pricing plus Availability.
Arturia_iMini_v1point2 Arturia’s iMini sixth is v 1 . 2 app for ipad tablet is available now, and can be purchased through Apple? s App Store for $9. 99 US / 8. 99 Euro / £6. 99 UK. For additional information, please check the Arturia website.

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