Sound Clips In Bitwig Studio (New Sneak Preview)

The developers of Bitwig Studio possess released another sneak preview for the upcoming DAW, taking a look its features for working with Audio Clips:

This beta movie features the possibilities of working with audio clips in Bitwig Studio.

Audio clips can contain multiple audio events and feature Bitwig’s own time stretching and transient detection. Split and rearrange audio events automatically, based on transient recognition, and utilize the same parameter histograms and clip/track-based editing as with instrument clips.

At NAMM, we interviewed Bitwig? s Dominik Wilms, plus, at that time, they were hoping for a Summertime release, but were definitely wishing to have a release before the end of 2013. Pricing and availability for Bitwig Studio are still TBA.

Check out the video demo on Sound Clips in Bitwig Studio plus leave a comment with your thoughts!

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