Audioccult Vol. 39: Mister. Style Iconography

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Light a candle. Attract the required sigils. Now, raise your arms above your head and slowly, carefully, exhale your spirit. You won’t require it here. This is Audioccult, and it is time to get low. Example: Simone Klimmeck

Wonderful brunches. Hard largemouth bass. Sweat-soaked bodies and discovering that the brand new Destiny’s Child mixes nicely into Fad Gadget . That is what memorable weekends are made from, particularly when preluded through the time-absorbing Berlin Style Week. Properly, tell a bit of a rest: I only went to two shows before my giant foam STYLE! finger has been confiscated, then placed on get Mexican as well as hang out inside my friend Campbell’s shop Darklands. The good thing I could see came off the web (naturally), with the always-on-point Zana Bayne. Simply when the influx associated with fashion harnesses was getting OD, Zana brought out her amazing brand new collection and once again blew everything else from the drinking water. Leather-based flog garters. Clear vinyl headpieces. I am won. I additionally saw the fucking Halbling and I’m pretty certain it had been written by the ghosts of the 3 Stooges.

Style Week was great for one thing, from least—making connections. I’ll soon be hawking a new line of design candybars: Dries Truck Nuttin, Karl Lagerfruits, and of course Ann Demueslimeester. Could not think of anything humorous to say about Rick Owens, but he is pretty ripped and I kind of do not want to anger his / her buff arms. You the man, Rick, even if I favor your own arch-nemesis Damir Doma. Covered myself in his attractive pieces, then had a dream I had been the Cool DISC JOCKEY at the Big Party. Woke up and I was actually mid-DJ set repping this Simply Blaze / Baauer collab. You gotta be careful when people hand you things sometimes. I additionally keep getting my very own butt grabbed within my dreams; just another reason why reality is the inferior format.

So far as editorials move, I’ve seen several nice ones lately. Katie Eary‘s brand new digital print line is fairly sick, a sort of floral vampiric power-mom design. I also like the styling regarding Greta Ilieva’s Drunk magazine shoot. Where in the world does one get a hyena jacket? Carrion predators are extremely chic. As usual, still I’ve eschewed most fashion coverage in support of solitude and mixing equipment, producing sound revisions for CTM showcase. Soulja Boy moves into a flock associated with shattered choirs, the voice of Azealia Banks refracts off binaural beats by dr dre with 10x replicate, and powernoise R& B is Forever twenty one. Genre Jesus will be in agony till the end from the set. There has to be no resting meanwhile.

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