Audioccult Vol. 44: Notes from the Veil

Lighting a candle. Attract the required sigils. Right now, raise your hands above your head and slowly, softly, exhale your spirit. You won’t require it here. This is Audioccult, and it is time to get low. Illustration: SHALTMIRA

January 14, 2013

Planned interview along with Brooke Candy . Got in danger for marching up and down before her supervisor and loudly insisting that she was no Steve Candy. Snack selection in waiting room VERY impressive (deli meat, legitimate soda etc).

Janury 22, 2013

Meant to cover BDSM conference and related music moments; night before had dream that mistress was showing me the Disney version associated with Doug instead of the Nickelodeon 1 and telling me that I would never be considered a real folk. Considered it poor omen, stayed house.

Feb 4, 2013

Looking over advanced copy associated with incredible documentary about The german language painter and photographer Sigmar Polke . Beautifully shot scenes using variety of effects evoke the particular magick captured in his Lens Paintings . Unsure why they chose to portray him since “an adult Dennis the particular Nuisance. ” Digitally-added freckles and up. slingshot take away a lot of the particular dignity. Excellent spreading choice of Walt Matthau as cantankerous neighbor. Not really sure how they pulled that certain off, however it’s seamless. Selected rates:

1 . Matthau: “Uh-oh… this particular seems like problems. ”[ SAID WHENEVER POLKE APPEARS ONSCREEN]#@@#@!!


Feb 11, 2013

Invested most of a week ago in courtroom contesting Yung Simmie ‘s states that my co-authored overview of his mixtape was badly conceived. Sentenced to invest the weekend in Rap Jail and was only provided Drake CDs to hear. Momma, don’t cry with regard to me…

Feb 15, 2013

Variety Rover limo has been cruising up and down exactly the same block when the windows are all broke out. Powerful image somehow (marketing? expert? )

Feb 20, 2013

Failed interview along with Snoop Dogg because I refused to contact him Snoop Lion. Who does he think he’s fooling? New Rastafarian image crazy. Kept quoting transcendental lyrics and offering me personally Hot Pockets as I ran out into cold roads. Method Man/Redman collab kicks on bystander blinding against snowfall.

Feb 23, 2013

Invested entire morning listening to brand new WMX EP, very pumped up about upcoming. Phone call through accountant at noon telling me that the cash I invested in Relevant Slogan beanies (third largest internet market in 2012) has been dropped thanks to New Era CyberWars. “It’s a New Period, ” We sob and turn the particular Evangelion soundtrack up.

Feb twenty five, 2013

A better perception associated with spatial/spiritual connections outside the prison of flesh: while skin is a mediator of feeling, festishism is a product from the mind. The best way to escape our natural desires? Really easy from outside ruffles the newspaper available to Garfield’s Monday joke, scattering cigarette ash across the table.

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