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Add Diablo shares the history of his career for his BBC Important Mix debut

Don Diablo reviews their career’s wide ranging evolution throughout a good infectious two hour Essential Blend. Continue reading

TipTop Audio One Eurorack Sampler Hands-On Demo

This video clip demonstrates how to use the TipTop Audio One Eurorack sampler module. … Read More TipTop Audio One Eurorack Sampler Hands-On Demo Continue reading

Played Out: Obscure Grooves From Beauty salon Des Amateurs’ Jan Schulte

Bufiman presents 5 tracks he would enjoy in a killer eclectic DJ arranged.

The post Performed Out: Obscure Grooves From Hair salon Des Amateurs’ Jan Schulte made an appearance first on Electronic Beats.

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Winter Modular Eloquencer Controlled Chance Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of the Winter Modular Eloquencer, an 8-track ‘Controlled Chance’ step sequencer intended for Eurorack modular synthesizers. … Reading more Winter Modular Eloquencer Controlled Opportunity Sequencer (Sneak Preview) Continue reading

The particular Vako Orchestron – Kraftwerk’s Key Weapon

The Vako Orchestron is a rare plus bizarre sample playback keyboard which was a key part of Kraftwerk’s iconic sound. … Read More The Vako Orchestron – Kraftwerk’ s Secret Tool Continue reading

Düsseldorf Club Culture: Underground Parties And Festivals

What to do while in Düsseldorf for our April 16 Clubnight with Mr. Ties.

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Weekend break Rewind: 10 classic trance essentials to reinvigorate your weekend playlist

In this Weekend Rewind, we take you back towards the golden age of trance for a 10-track trip down memory lane. Continue reading

KOMA Elektronik Field Kit DIY Create

KOMA’s lead analog developer Otto Mikkonen, who designed the Field Kit, takes you through all the steps needed to create a DIY Field Kit. … Read More KOMA Elektronik Field Kit DO-IT-YOURSELF Build Continue reading

GEM Promega 2+ Keyboard Hands-On Demo

The GEM Promega 2+ engine combines sample play-back and physical modelling techniques, along with Natural String Resonance, Filter Formula Dynamic Emulation, Advanced Release Technologies and Damper Physical Model. … Read More GEM Promega 2+ Key pad Hands-On Demo Continue reading

ten Musicians Leading Russia’s Techno Renaissance

Nina Kraviz-signed duo PTU run down their favorite local artists.

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