AUUG Motion Synth Turns iPhone, ipod itouch Into An Expressive Motion-Controlled Device


The iPad has gained the bulk of the mindshare of cellular musicians, because of its combination of power, dimension and wide range of apps.

A new project, AUUG Motion Synth , explores the options the iPhone and iPod touch, converting the particular devices into wearable motion-controlled equipment. Using it, you can control iOS synths, desktop music apps and even equipment.

The platform is made up of three components:

The particular AUUG grip positions the screen of the iPhone or iPod touch to be played by the fingers and secures the product to the user’s hand during motion:

AUUG grip on hand small

The AUUG application converts your iOS device’s motion sensor data in to signals for shaping sound, plus transfers these signals to other iOS sound apps or external products. The AUUG app does not generate its own sounds, but instead acts to manage other iOS audio apps working on the same device (as well because external devices). The AUUG application can be installed on iPhones (4S plus up) and iPod touch devices (5th generation and up).

The AUUG cloud is online program at that allows AUUG app presets to be shared with other users, via your iPhone or iPod touch (no notebook or desktop needed).

Here’s a video intro to the AUUG Motion Synth:

Technical Details:

  • Samuel David Graeme: (0. 16 to zero. 21 mins) Animoog synth app working on same device.
  • Sonia Vaikyl: (0. 22 in order to 0. 33 mins) Magellan Jnr synth app running on same device.
  • Video sample: It scrub demonstration (0. 34 to at least one. 01 mins) by Joshua Younger uses a 2 second clip of Evalena Marie from the independent feature film Visionary, directed by Ben Proulx.
  • Eesha Hunjon: (1. 02 to 1. 15 mins) Audiobus app (hosting A harmonious relationship Voice and Garageband apps) running on same device, with mic input via iRig Pre.
  • Becki Whitton: (1. 16 to 1. 31 mins) Audiobus application (hosting Magellan Jnr app) running upon same device, with mic input via iRig Pre.
  • Adam Cook: (1. 46 in order to 2 . 03 mins) Nord Stage 2 keyboard, with MIDI input through iRig MIDI.
  • Joshua Young: (0. 00 to zero. 15 mins) Animoog synth app working on same device; (0. 34 to 1. 01 mins) AUUG video clip scrub software running on notebook; (1. 32 to 1. 45 mins) Voice Live Touch 2 , with MIDI input via iRig MIDI. The backing track (0. 00 to second . 03 mins) each musician composed and performed their parts in order to and the motion-reactive visuals were also created by Joshua Young.

The AUUG Motion Synth is being developed as a Kickstarter project, with costs for early backers starting at US $68.

Read the video and share your thoughts on the AUUG Motion Synth!

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