Battle of the Surpasses: Dillon Francis and Empire From the Sun – Devoid of

Battle of the Beats is really a feature from Dance Astronaut that pits 2 tracks that share the same title against one another to determine which production represents title better. With the dance music local community continually growing, producers, mashup artists and DJs alike constantly create new music, frequently of the same title. Now we tend to be opening it up to our readers to consider in on whose performance takes the proverbial dessert.

Dillon Francis feat. Totally Tremendous Extinct Dinosaurs – Devoid of

Launched in early Aug, Dillon Francis’ collab along with Totally Enormous Wiped out Dinosaurs rocketed for the #1 place on Hypem with its sweet and hooky sound. Firmly in the indie dance camp, the mellow Mad Decent single appeared to reveal a far more sensitive side of the irreverent LA native while exposing UNITED KINGDOM sensation T. Electronic. E. Deborah. to a different listener base. Though the Uk producer is only formally credited with providing the vocals for the melody, their low-key electronica vibe spreads throughout the pair’s “Without You, ” leading to easy listening of the electronic variety.

Disposition Of The Sun – Devoid of

Whilst Australia’s Empire From the Sun might have come onto your radar as delayed as this spring whenever Zedd, Brian Guetta and Mat Zo took upon “Alive, ” the band’s Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore kicked the project off way back in 2008 whenever Walking On A Dream initial scann the airwaves. Launched first on Capitol Records, then EMI Quarterly report and again upon Astralwerks, the album made the dance globe rounds, touting “Without You” as its fourth individual. Showcasing Steele’s velvety vocals in an ’80s-esque synth ballad, the tune didn’t catch the acclaim of the album’s titular monitor but showcased the depth of the duo having a moodier ambiance.

So whose “Without You” can you not live without?

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