Buy Boris Blank’s (Yello) Fairlight CMI III


Got $12K to drop on a old synth?

A Fairlight CMI III , described as belonging to “ Boris Blank, the music part of Swiss band Yello”, is currently listed for sale by Horizontal Shows on eBay.

Here’s what the listing has to say about the Fairlight:

The particular system being offered here belongs to Boris Blank, the particular musical part of Swiss band Yello. One could argue that during the 1980′s Yello used the Fairlight more, and more oddly enough than virtually anyone else. Every hit single they had (and there were a significant few) used the Fairlight CMI extensively..

So , if you ever lusted after one of these legendary instruments, here? s a chance to acquire one with some severe street cred!

Yello Fairlight III. Signed front -panel. There will be Boris’s sounds included, as well as all the libraries listed below, in 4 x hard drives. Boris is on vacation at the moment, however his assistant offers promised some more photos and goodies when he returns!

Offered for sale is a very rare, classic classic Fairlight CMI III personal computer musical instrument workstation in excellent condition. The system is a late model, within three rack units which are 8U, 8U and 5U for the harddrive enclosure. It has the latest and best in technical innovations, whilst still retaining the classic legendary sound of the CMI. The system is switchable for 110, 220 or 240V so will work ANYWHERE in the world.

The system has the latest 9. 34 music software, has 16 sounds, mono graphics card and monitor, and 24 output router. Rather than the usual 14 Mbytes RAM memory fitted as standard from the manufacturer, this unit has a brand new 32 Mbyte card, which is the maximum feasible in these systems. It also has a digital sampler module and a Turbo-SCSI credit card: It is therefore fully optioned with the last and best revisions of both hardware and software. There is no music keyboard, however any MIDI key pad or external computer/sequencer will work brilliantly. I can supply a colour visuals card at additional cost in case desired, to enable the system to run with many flat LCD screens. If necessary, the original mono graphics can be re-installed in minutes..

There are four hard drives installed. Three are usually original, with Boris’s sounds, as well as the forth is “My” collection of libraries I normally include with our systems for sale. These are as follows:? Full Fairlight library, Prosonus Strings, Brass, Percussion, Sound? Genesis strings, plus many libraries collected over the last 25 years? dealing with top producers and music artists. These include libraries from: Pet? Store Boys, Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Art associated with Noise and many, many others. The complete Fairlight IIX library is also included.

The floppy and WORM drive work intemittantly, however these were only used in the 1980′s before more reliable and cost-effective storage emerged. Therefore there is no warranty upon these parts. The only other points of note are that some of the keys on the alpha-numeric keyboard are beginning to lose their legends (see picture), and the graphics pad is used in places. I have however altered the keyboard so that the worn spots around the pad doesn’t cause problems.

The system has been serviced, may have a full set of manuals on COMPACT DISC, all leads, latest firmware, and come with 3 months warranty (apart from your two drives mentioned above).

Note: Interested parties should verify any kind of ownership claims for gear outlined online.

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