Can You Help Me Get Started On Making Electronic Music?

I currently play bass, and I’m learning piano. Soon after or even at the same time, I’d like to start making some digital/electronic music and was wondering where I should start? What equipment/programs do I need? I’d prefer something a bit cheaper and easier to use at this point, seeing as I’m a complete novice. Any advice on the subject would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Kimandy F says:

    The electronic age has done MUCH for aspiring musicians so you are in for a treat as you embark on this part of your artisitic journey. Hopefully you are familiar with basic computer use…now get some software. TRAKTOR, LIVE and REASON are great mix generators. On your computer you can sample, record, modify and tweak sound. Plug ins like Native Instruments, Candy, etc. have tons of sample sounds that you can make your own by morphing and re-timing AND with a midi interface ($75-big buck$) you can input your bass, keys, etc. and start from scratch originally. Most plug ins have an open copyright so you can use them liberally BUT watch out for licensing and permissions and obey the directives thereof. Friends don’t let friends plaguerize BUT if you’re crafty and creative you can pull off what Picasso meant when he said, “A good artist copies…a great artist steals!”

  2. Lucksies says:

    If you have a mac you can go to garage band and do want with your music.

  3. protoham says:

    Start with your computer, there are several programs that can get you started, eventually you will want to move into MIDI. Cakewalk is one that I have used .

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