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What Is Some Electronic Music I Would Like?

Ok, I really want to get into more electronic music. Examples of what I really like is the more ambient stuff from Autechre and the album Kid A. So pretty much I like ambient electronic stuff. Also, I really like … Continue reading

Is It Worth It To Copyright Electronic Music?

I write electronic music and i think my name has been getting out there locally (thanks to friends, family and Gods help). Basically my mom doesnt want to let me release anymore of my music to people until i copyright … Continue reading

What Are Some Good Quality Electronic Music Equipment?

So I’ve taken an interest in house music and electronic music. What your recommendations for drum machines, synths, and MIDI equipment?

Is It Just Me Or Is Electronic Music Now Considered Mainstream?

If you’ve noticed most of the songs in the Top 10 nowadays involve some kind of electronic influence. The current #1 song, California Gurls by Katy Perry has alot of electronic influence in it and it’s coming from a pop … Continue reading

Exactly Why Does So Much People Think All Electronic Music Is Called Techno When Its Not?

Thats like calling metal, pop or like calling rock, metal and blues, band music. Electronic is a medium not a genre and techno is a genre not a term that all other electronic music falls under. You cant call all … Continue reading

Why Do You Love Or Hate Electronic Music?

If you love it, what’s so special? If you hate it, what’s so bad? I love electronic music because it’s like classical in a way. Electronics are frequently used in music these days, so they add some magic touch (not … Continue reading

Why Does So Much People Think That Any Electronic Music Is Called Techno & Does It Bother You?

Techno is a genre of electronic music but it is not a term to describe all electronic music. I dont understand how people get it so wrong. O_o It kind of annoys me because its preventing me from finding out … Continue reading

Can You Help Me Get Started On Making Electronic Music?

I currently play bass, and I’m learning piano. Soon after or even at the same time, I’d like to start making some digital/electronic music and was wondering where I should start? What equipment/programs do I need? I’d prefer something a … Continue reading

Is There A Good Website For Dancing To Electronic Music?

I don’t usually listen to electronic music unless I am in a club or party but I feel like I should figure out some basic dance moves because I feel awkward without them. Is there a website that teaches them … Continue reading

What Would Be A Great Topic To Talk About For Electronic Music That Is Good Enough For A 10-page Paper?

I have to look at electronic music from a particular perspective and come up with a thematic question. for example “What is the musical education of cantors in New York City?”