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How Does One Learn How To Make Electronic Music?

I want to make electronic music. I’m not talking about club music…maybe a little house would be cool but mostly indie-pop and stuff that blends with other genres. What programs do I need, how much are they? Cheap would be … Continue reading

How Do Electronic Music Artists Become Famous?

How did people like justice, boys noize, skream ect. get famous in producing electronic music? I want to be an electronic producer but i don’t know what it takes. I’m very serious about this career because i absolutely love music … Continue reading

What’s The Difference Between Electric Music And Electronic Music?

When I hear “electric music,” I think of analog synthesizers and amplifiers, when I hear “electronic music,” I think of digital synthesizers and amplifiers. But what’s the real difference and why is one called electric and one called electronic? Thanks … Continue reading

What Electronic Music Magazines Should I Subscribe To?

Some of my favorite electronic music producers are: Skrillex, xKore, Knife Party, Dillon Francis, Terravita, Netsky, Kill The Noise, Porter Robinson, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Skism, Zomboy I’m looking to subscribe to a few good magazines that have to do … Continue reading

What Kind Of Equipment Should I Get To Begin Making Electronic Music?

I’ve been playing for Fruity Loops demo for about a week now and just creating beats with it. I’m looking to buy a laptop, what kind would be good for making electronic music, also what other software and hardware would … Continue reading

How Important Is The ‘music Theory’ To Electronic Music?

How important is learning the music theory to Electronic Music If So? What Parts?

How Do Musicians Make Electronic Music Where It’s All Made By Internet?

How do musicians make electronic music where it’s all made by internet? What websites do they use? I know A LOT of musicians these days use electronic backround music to sing to it’s done a lot in R&B and Rap. … Continue reading

What Is The Best Software To Make Electronic Music?

I have never made an electronic music and i’d like to do it. What software the best fit for it? (easy to use for beginners) Thanks

I Want To Start Making Electronic Music…. How Should I Start Off?

Hi guys. I love all types of electronic music, ranging from tech house to post dubstep. It all depends on my mood which is my favorite genre, as it can greatly vary. But I really want to go somewhere with … Continue reading

Why Is It That Electronic Music Seems To Give Us More Energy Than Any Other Kind?

I love music in general, I explore it in many different styles and from different cultures. Electronic music is what really gives me the urge to dance, party, sing, etc. Why is it so powerful?