Connect A Korg MS-20 Mini To Modular Synthesizers

english-tear-harvestman Modular synth producer The actual Harvestman offers announced a new module that’s designed to make it easy to connect the new Korg MS-20 Mini to modular synthesizers.

Here’s the official statement:

I actually announce with great satisfaction ENGLISH TEAR, the very first in a type of small utility modules.

This module features the anticipated “voltage processor” attenuverter as well as big offset knobs, but also features a full set of functions with regard to interfacing to an MS-20. Easy conversion from rapid volt-per-octave to linear hertz-per-volt and back, as well as V-trigger in order to S-trigger conversion. Jack port normalling fixes the power processors to these converter circuits, therefore you may scale the actual input voltages as preferred. The log/expo converter circuits also have a number of other uses in your modular system beyond the conversion of frequency voltages.

Prices and availability are to be determined.

via radiokoala, The actual Harvestman

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