Counting with Person Meier

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One… Two… Three… let us count along with Yello frontman and also raconteur Person Meier . Ok last one!

1 memorable line inside a film or track:

“Oh yeah…” (from “Oh Yeah” simply by Yello)

2 decisions I repent:

1) Getting invested in the U. S. housing industry.
2) Consuming my eleventh gin and also tonic at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club upon October twelve, 1981 at 2: 15 the. michael.

4 people that should work together:

The particular Dalai Lama, Jürgen Habermas, Noam Chomsky. I hope they would endeavor beyond conventional critiques of capitalism to help find solutions for a much better use of human cleverness.

4 things I haven’t carried out yet:

1) Hike within the Himalayas.
2) Browse in The hawaiian islands.
3) Within the violin (properly).
4) Relax for 6 months.

five things I utilized to believe:

1) That I was a very unimportant individual. (I still believe this. )
2) That I can’t finish everything.
3) Which Americans landed within the celestial satellite.
4) Which God created the world.
5) Which it’s OK to reside in four-star hotels

6 hours ago…

I actually woke up depressed taking into consideration the highly unstructured day I had fashioned in front of me personally.

7 days I barely remember:

Im currently enjoying the springtime of our senility, so there are hardly any times I can remember, today.

Right after 8 p. michael. …

I usually look forward to an insanely dried out martini.

My personal 9 lives…

I have personally had twenty four, 090 life, every day a new.

10 years because 9/11…

…and the particular so-called “War upon Terror” continues on within the wrong direction. Trying to container a mosquito
isn’t just impractical—it doesn’t function. The world should dry out the particular swamp that breeds terrorism by helping and also respecting people. The particular hundreds of billions of dollars allocated to war and also firepower supposed to have been committed to nation-building.

This text first appeared within Electronic Beats Magazine N° twenty six (Summer 2011). Read the full issue upon issuu. com:

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