Addressing Tracks: Trevino

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite suppliers and DJs to recommend ten new (and not so new) produces. This week’s submissions were compiled by longtime Mancunian producer Trevino, exactly who cut his teeth making trommel n bass as Marcus Intalex. He’s just launched and inaugurated a brand-new imprint called Birdie.

Steffi and Dexter – “Warme Hap” [Dolly Dubs]

Guaranteed super effectve analog workout along with Juno-sounding bass and killer guitar strings.

Afriqua – “Sexism” [Dream Diary]

Fluff with attitude. “Sexism” has some monster keys that lay over a rugged baseline. It’s an excellent close-your-eyes-and-drift-away kind of tune.

Dettmann, Wiedemann – “Spiritoso” [Ostgut Ton]

This is a huge one, and I’m guessing you’ve probably already heard it —two of the biggest names in the picture combined to bring this killer melancholic piano and sub-bass roller.

Zenker Brothers – “Mount Eleven” [Ilian Tape]

I love these guys—they’re probably my favorites right now. “Mount Eleven” has a deep moody techno attitude with killler broken beats.

ø (Phase) – “Self Deceit” [Token]

I heard this particular on the Dettman Essential Mix and fell in love with it. It’s precisely what I would imagine the future to sound like. The lead pattern that meanders throughout the track is so damn good—quite trance-like, but very, very techno in attitude.

Ajukaja & Andrevski – “Expensive Shit” [Levels]

Quirky, funky, bleep-y, hedonistic, house-y fun. Cant get sufficient of this tune—I think it’s gonna stay in the box for a good whilst yet.

Taron-Trekka – “Purple Magic” [Freude am Tanzen]

This makes me think of Derek Carter through the mid-nineties for some reason. Again, this is correct deep house music.

Lando – “Love Play” [Ultramajic]

“Love Play” is a simple, effective, and fun track to play. It offers a slight “Computer Madness” feel to it, but with a more modern production feel. Works a treat on the floor, also.

Will Ward – “Chorus Memory” [Audio Doughnuts]

“Chorus Memory” has a more modern audio. It’s big in production and attitude and has this somewhat mesmerizing chord that modulates throughout.

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