Do You Agree That Electronic Music Will Never Be As Good As Rock?

Electronic music focuses on timbre rather than composition primarily. Like metal, it’s objective is to provide an emotional outlet for the fanbase. Whether that is brutal rage, hedonistic dance music, chilled out beats to smoke weed to, whatever. They don’t put composition first and that’s why they’ll never have composers on the level of Frank Zappa or musicians on the level of Charlie Watts.

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10 Responses to Do You Agree That Electronic Music Will Never Be As Good As Rock?

  1. H2SO4 says:

    Electronic music sucks.

  2. H2SO4 says:

    I’m assuming you mean HipHop, RnB, DnB, Dubstep, rave, house, electronica, dance, trance, garage and grime? Well, rock, metal, blues, country, jazz, classical, reggae and soul and more talented. The musicians actually use real instruments. But I like some ‘electronic’ music. It may not be as talented, but some of it still is good. But all music is getting lazy. These days, HipHop and RnB is all about cheesy or sexual lyrics and sampling. But then again, a lot of modern rock and metal, especially in the scene stuff, do the same thing. You either have boring Indie bands who rip off the Beatles and Kinks, or scene bands who use electronic sounds and just cover chart music. Hiphop use to be Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill. Now it’s 50 Cent, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West. Rnb use to be Mary J Blidge, Barry White, Michael Jackson. Now it’s Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce. Rock use to be Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. Now it’s Paramore, MCR and Blink-182. Metal use to be Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden. Now it’s BMTH, BVB and Asking Alexandria. All music has gone down hill.

  3. MattStat says:

    It’s funny. There was a time that bitter old people criticized rock for the same thing (lack of composition, just carnal noise, cheating by using studio and live effects, etc…) when compared to jazz standards and the like (and, ironically, a time even those standards were considered the most low-brow… or worse yet, “popular music”). A bit sad how boring, unimaginative, sanctimonious, and uptight rock fans have become over the decades. Also, “electronic music” is meaningless. You do realize that rock or almost anything else – and even “art music”/classical – can be wholly or largely electronic, too, right?

  4. rimbaudr says:

    It will never be as good as rock! To create electronic music all you need is a laptop and some sound effects, no talent whatsoever. You can edit your voice and make it sound good, and almost all that you hear is over produced! I just have to live and accept the fact that no bands will ever be as good as say, the beatles. There are some good bands today, if you know where to look: arctic monkeys, strokes, MUSE

  5. Catherin says:

    Really that is just an opinion. Manipulation of rhythm, beats, timbre, tempo, and tonal colors has been something every new generation of music has messed with. The same was said of Classical composers when they went against the Baroque Era of music. The same was said of Romantics when they moved away from Classical. Music will also see change and what defines one genre will be challenged and changed by another.

  6. Ed says:

    Unfortunately with all the technology today we can pretty much manipulate anything to sound good, so I suppose it could. Although, I rather go into a nice bar somewhere and sit down and listen to a group of talented musicians jam (playing musical instruments i.e. guitars, bass, keyboards, drums) rather than go into a club where there is one dude operating a array of sound synthesizers and a computer.

  7. Love Among Ruins says:

    completely disagree, you can’t compare EDM with rock really.

  8. all good says:

    i respectfully disagree. No reason, i just do.

  9. Dragooon says:

    It isn’t but people are becoming deaf…

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