EB Premiere: Born In Flamez – Orchestrated Thoughts

“The singular awareness as collective language, the glorious UnBecoming. Self without binary soul, post-physicality reborn as heat plus sound, disgorged out upon earseyeslips: hear me. see me personally. taste my birth. ”

So reads the press release for Polymorphous, the forthcoming debut EP from Born In Flamez. Through the mask of anonymity, s/he subverts both gender and genre with an off-kilter aural aura somewhere amongst the realms of grime, industrial pop and the dirtiest of future electronics. The task already saw its debut with a track on Modeselektor’s Modeselektion Vol. 3— probably our favorite selection on the comp, actually! With that said, we’re pleased to premiere the giveaway of “Orchestrated Thoughts”, a good unreleased track summoned from the flamez for us exclusively. Let these agonizing synths and chopped vocals get you on a menacingly majestic plus futuristic journey through a post-Blade Runner world. ~

Polymorphous will be released in September via UnReaL Audio. Catch Born Within Flamez performing live at Berlin’s notorious SchwuZ club on Friday July 12th.

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