EB Premiere: Cyan Kid’s “Only Love” feat. Loki (M. E. S. H. Remix)

Cyan Kid is Berlin resident Maximum Boss, a shadowy producer who is been turning out releases deeply in the belly of the Internet for the past four years. This year’s exceptional Free full-length was a diverse and sprawling release exactly where cavernous and liquid atmospheres frequently coalesced into moments of slow-burning pop brilliance. The record was chosen by Adam Harper as one of the best to end up of the online underground in his Pattern Recognition 2013 round-up and really, anyone that hasn’t heard it yet need to get themselves over to the Cyan Kid Bandcamp page and treatment that.

Like many great records, Free is getting the rework treatment. A continuous project, Free Remixes has already got Big Daddy sorts Paris Suit Yourself and People from france artist Alex June onboard, with Melbourne’s Air Max ’97 stepping up at some point in the future. Right now, however , we’ve got the particular exclusive premiere of M. Electronic. S. H. ’s remix from the brilliant “Only Love”. Keeping this firmly in the Berlin family (the video of the original features Lōtic) the Berlin-based and PAN-affiliated producer and Janus resident takes the original’s woozy, late-night vibe—and Loki’s ethereal vocals—and delicately reformats them more than stumbling, splintered percussion. Be the initial to hear ”Only Love” feat. Loki (M. E. S. H. Remix) above and keep your ears open pertaining to future remixes in the series.


The first tracks through Free Remixes are released on 31st December and so are self-released. Original tracks from the album Free by Cyan Kid [RTN051], out now.

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