Expanded teaser and official discharge date added to the actual trail of Madeon’s ‘Technicolor’

Regardless of going silent about the studio release circuit for a good nine-months, Italian trailblazer Madeon has emerged from a lengthy peaceful atmosphere post-“The City” to discover a far more comprehensive teaser of his upcoming release “Technicolor. ” Where the unique 52-second clip was instantly recognizable from the opening moments of his current shows, the expanded teaser unveils the actual adrenaline-fueled body of Madeon’s return to the actual spotlight. The younger Frenchman’s technical take on the sound of electro house remains to be on-point, choosing firm melodic transitions and striking compositional components over the more obvious peak time drops we have become more accustomed to elsewhere. Today slated for release on August 3 in support of available through his official site, “Technicolor” could well be the tip we have been awaiting from this revolutionary French resource.

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