Overlook Smartwatches – The Oscilloscope Watch Is Here!

Tech blogs have been buzzing about smart watches for months, like the rumored Apple iWatch and the Samsung Galaxy Equipment. We’ve yet to see any persuasive reason to get interested in the smart view category.

But in the particular category of stupidtacular watches, we can get excited about Gabriel Anzziani’s Oscilloscope Watch ! It’s huge and it looks like something from the 70′s. But , at the end of the day, it outgeeks competition by putting a frigging oscilloscope on your wrist.

The particular Oscilloscope Watch has all the features of a modern watch (time, calendar, security alarm, etc…). But it also has all the features of the Xprotolab mixed signal oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and protocol sniffer. You never know when you’re going to need to do some protocol sniffing or create some arbitrary waveforms, do you?

The Oscilloscope Watch is being developed as a KickStarter project. The particular Watch is available to backers starting at $100. See the project web site for details.

via palmsounds

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