How Does One Learn How To Make Electronic Music?

I want to make electronic music. I’m not talking about club music…maybe a little house would be cool but mostly indie-pop and stuff that blends with other genres. What programs do I need, how much are they? Cheap would be nice. Most importantly, how do I learn to use them well?

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  1. M says:

    If you mean making it on your computer then SoundForge is the way to go. free on CNET but you can buy more advanced versions. If you want to DJ, start with cheap tables, a mixer, some records and practice.

  2. Rock* says:

    there is a program called magix music maker…i think its up to version 14 or so these days. its inexpensive ( less than 50 dollars) and easy to use. available at best buy and online. comes with tutorials and trial and error is how you learn…

  3. Ivan M says:

    Stick a fork into an electric socket and bite it as hard as you can.

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