I Want To Start Making Electronic Music…. How Should I Start Off?

Hi guys. I love all types of electronic music, ranging from tech house to post dubstep. It all depends on my mood which is my favorite genre, as it can greatly vary. But I really want to go somewhere with electronic music. I realise that it is not something which will happen over night, and that it will take practice for me to go places. But I need to start somewhere.
I am currently studying abroad on a limited budget. Therefore I will find it difficult to make any significant purchases music wise. I have heard about numerous music production software programs – My question is, which one is the best for a beginner who is into all sorts of electronic music?
So in other words, what software should I download to start making electronic music? And are there any other tips or advice you can give me? Thank you.

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  1. DRock says:

    I personally use and recommend FL Studio. It’s one of the easiest programs to use for a beginner (I use it as a professional as well) and it’s capable of doing what any bigger program can do. It lends itself particularly well to electronic music. The one exception would be if you’re doing a lot of vocal recording, in which case I would recommend Pro Tools or Cubase. But for electronic music, FL Studio is where it’s at. You can see a review of fl studio at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pidwVev_… If you buy FL Studio you can save 10% through http://flstudioreview.com/discount You’ll also need good synths. I like Native Instruments’ virtual instruments (like Massive) and I’ve heard good things about sylenth.

  2. Claire says:

    Traktor Pro by Native Instruments is a set of hardware and software — the software is a good investment that won’t be replaced by better models anytime too soon. Or Numark; my friend just started mixing and says it’s really good. Get the software and the mixer.http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/p…http://www.numark.com/product/mixtrackpr…

  3. Studio says:

    I use FL Studio Producer Edition. It’s not too hard to learn but has advanced features. You can use VST plugins and samples to get any sound you want, it’s great for electronic music. You can try the free demo at flstudio.com or buy it with 10% discount with the promo link for new users https://support.image-line.com/jshop/sho…

  4. ☢ ASOT600 ☢ says:

    FL Studio:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtUjHi-e8…

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