iK Multimedia Debuts iLectric Piano Application For ipad tablet

iKMultimedia_iLectric iK Multimedia offers launched iLectric Violin , an electrical piano app for the Ipad.

iLectric Violin offers over 40 “classic” electric pianos, electric grands and clavinets, most sampled from the unique devices.

Crucial functions:

  • 19 multisampled electric piano as well as electronic keyboard devices
  • Expandable collection of 22 more devices with the Electric Violin Expansion Pack, available via in-app purchase
  • Effects area allows 4 simultaneous results: 3-band EQ, Reverb, Overdrive and one of 5 modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo as well as AutoPan
  • Recorder area with overdub as well as quantize
  • Audio/Visual metronome with tap tempo
  • Export songs as WAV or m4a audio files via File Sharing, e-mail, or Duplicate
  • Digital MIDI and MIDI System Change assistance
  • Low-latency for real-time enjoying
  • Designed together with iRig KEYS portable MIDI keyboard as well as iRig MIDI interface

Here is a demo associated with iLectric actually in operation:

The included instruments have a wide variety of sonic designs, ranging from luscious and ethereal to razor-sharp and funky to lower, dirty, as well as distorted. You obtain multiple versions associated with “EP” as well as “Wurly, ” that have been sampled from the two most iconic electric pianos ever. In addition to three different Clavinets in the collection, giving you numerous variations associated with ‘the funkiest of all keyboards’.

iLectric Violin is also expandable via in-app purchase to include another 22 vintage and modern keyboards to your collection.

Prices and Availability

The iLectric Piano App for iPad is available for $19. 99/? fifteen, 99 within the App Store. More piano sounds can be with the Electric Violin Expansion Pack, including 22 instruments and is available being an In-App Purchase for $9. 99/? eight, 99.

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