IKEA Desires You To Straighten The Studio Already And Get Your Gear From the #%! @?! Dinning table

It appears to be like IKEA offers figured out that there are a lot of music artists repurposing the company’s low-cost home furnishings to straighten up their music studios.

They will created this promo that looks at how they helped DJ Harry Love deal together with his obsession for vinyl fabric, straighten up his / her studio and maybe actually save his relationship.

The studio makeover is really fairly spiffy, particularly the way they used shoe racks to make an awesome computer keyboard stack.

If you’ve got your own IKEA hack, inform us within the comments!

Here are the items they feature:

  • EXPEDIT shelving units to store his / her thousands of records
  • STOLMEN shoe racks to store his / her key boards
  • KVISSLE wire management box to acquire his web of cables
  • FÖRHÖJA utensils tray to organise the floppy discs he really wants to keep

through Oliver Chesler, Paul Eastwest Berlin

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