Is It Just Me Or Is Electronic Music Now Considered Mainstream?

If you’ve noticed most of the songs in the Top 10 nowadays involve some kind of electronic influence. The current #1 song, California Gurls by Katy Perry has alot of electronic influence in it and it’s coming from a pop artist!
Is it safe to say electronic music is now mainstream and defining our music?

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6 Responses to Is It Just Me Or Is Electronic Music Now Considered Mainstream?

  1. Spaceball Ricochet says:

    I’d say it has been mainstream for about 30+ years now. Electronic influence in songs from pop artists, you say?! Have you forgotten about basically all of the 80s (synth-pop, New Romantic, etc…)? Late 70s disco? The late 90s? The minimalist craze a few years ago? A fair amount from all the periods inbetween those? Mind, it may not have always been outright EBM or trance (but on that note, I’d say it’s not now, either). But drum machines and synth-based sounds? It’s been mainstream for way longer than I and most others here were born.

  2. Royal Archetype (Metal God) says:

    Good Electronic music? No way. It’s still tucked away in a hidden corner somewhere.

  3. >O says:

    sumwhat but not all the way

  4. Lisa (I'm Still Alive) says:

    I don’t think it’s exactly “electronic music that’s mainstream.” I think it’s more the ELECTRONIC SOUNDS added to the mainstream music, which is pop, that is mainstream. There’s only one popular, mainstream electronic group that I know of (3OH!3). Yet there are loads of popular, mainstream pop people I know of that use some electronic influences in their pop music, like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and anybody who uses synth-sounding noises in their music.

  5. Casper Vaught says:

    “Beware… the ides of 80s.” Currently, using synthesizers is the ‘in’ thing which is why a lot of pop artist are using it in their songs. Also, for a brief while Dance music was in, because what really sends a song over and beyond is the club mix. The long and short is:Welcome to the Eighties. Electronica and/or Techno are/is not mainstream in the U.S. of A. It never has been, for that matter. You can say (just like the eighties) that the use of synthesizers are currently defining pop music. “Fashion is a plagiarist”. ~Dresden Dolls, Girl Anachronism

  6. The DuBstep Troll {RockϟϟRave} says:

    <————— Yes it is ;( Scene kids and hipster killing it like always

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