Is There A Good Website For Dancing To Electronic Music?

I don’t usually listen to electronic music unless I am in a club or party but I feel like I should figure out some basic dance moves because I feel awkward without them. Is there a website that teaches them good?

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  1. orangeli says:

    Youtube. Type stuff like “shuffling” or “popping” to get started

  2. Bing Bang Boing says:

    OMFG DUDE I’D LOVE TO SHOW YOU THEM ALL I am beyond obssessed with rave dancing, which is the type of dancing (besides hip hop styles) you see in clubs normally, especially when they are playing electronic dance music. There are tutorials ALL over youtube, just search the dance title and watch the tutorial. But it all depends on the type of music and speed of EDM they are playing. For example, if you drum&bass dance (at 170-190 bpm) to house music (~110-130 bpm), you’ll look a little silly. Opposite way around may be ok because generally the faster you can dance (in rave styles) the better you look. These dances are all about energy, and just letting yourself go insane while doing them, where with hiphop its all about “swag”. They look glitchy, unlike hiphop. Here are a couple of them that are popular: Dance style (music genre) Tektonic (house) Melbourne Shuffle (hardstyle but can look good while doing it to house/trance as well) This one is simple (but still difficult), one you can do by yourself. Jumpstyle (jumpstyle/hardstyle) Freestep (house/trance)* this one is amazing Electro dance (house) Dubstep dance (dubstep) Dnb step (drum and bass) Hakken (hardcore) Brisbane stomp (hardcore) Tekstyle (I don’t know) Kandi walk (I don’t know) Liquid and Digits (house I believe) Glowsticking Popping Pick a style for uniqueness, how it appeals to your style, and how it appeals to your taste in music. I love them all though lol

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