The Story of HalleluWah Hits!


HalleluWah Hits is a Glasgow record label featuring the best in Electronic Music.

Halleluwah Hits

But we began as a record shop,  way up high on Buchanan street in the awesome Che Camille’s, owned by fashionista Camille Lorigo.  We accessed the space from the diamond-studded Argyle Arcade, and had beautiful views of the whole city centre as well as a quaint rooftop garden.

Halleluwah Hits - and the view from the rooftop of Che Camille.

‘Camille had asked us to set up a music section in the corner of her shop,’ says Ryan Smith, one of three music-loving folks who have since given up their day jobs to run the tiny emporium full-time.

‘We’d been DJing at the Che Camille fashion shows, and Camille wanted us to run a dedicated music space,’ (and “to take care of the ‘tunes’ in Che Camille”) says Smith, referring to the tiny New Yorker, Camille Lorigo, …

‘Camille’s stuff is kinda leaning more towards the ladies stuff,’ says Smith, ‘So our part of the shop has developed into more of a boy’s space. Basically, we’re quite happy for people to wander over and hang out with us for a bit.’ And geek out, perhaps, at the Mogwai Young Team limited edition boxsets, or rare Sonic Youth Goo box sets, for example? Two treasures currently buried in the attic boutique? ‘Aye, totally! There’s a few things we’ve got on sale just now, that I’m not even sure I want to part with,’ laughs Smith.

Although they started things unofficially, putting together mix-tapes by Little Rock Records-runner, The Niallist or Glasgow ambient bleep-merchant Louts, which they then handed out to customers, they’re launching their own record label this month. Halleluwah Hits’ first release will be local boy, 20-year-old electro producer, Dam Mantle’s EP, Grey. Although plans are in the pipeline for other releases, and rehearsals have begun for Halleluwah Hits’ own band (they’re still deciding on the name), in the meantime, the mini-corner-shop stocks a cherry-picked collection of rare, limited edition vinyl, classic reissues and quality stuff put out by local artists.

‘I guess we’re basically following Camille’s example of trying to bring independent stuff onto the High Street, and show support to local artists,’ says Smith. Besides the music, Halleluwah Hits sell rare and limited edition t-shirts from independent designers, plus comic books, posters and pop culture nick-knacks. ‘We like that whole thing of being anti-generic; not wanting to dress exactly like everyone else, and offer up different designs,’ says Smith. ‘No one expects to find us up here – which is a bit weird as we’re on Buchanan Street, the busiest street in town. We really love the vibe of somewhere like Monorail, so maybe this could be like a smaller, city centre version of that?’

And then we met DAM MANTLE and the record label was launched!  We had worked on creating a record label for some time, back while we (Adam, Craig, Ryan and Syd), lived together in an old house in Pollok Park, set up to release the various projects we were/are working on.  But the Dam Mantle releases solidified our label strength.

Dam Mantle Early on

On first meeting Tom Marshallsay aka Dam Mantle up in Halleluwah Hits HQ, he brought with him some music he had been creating under the name Animals + War (his old alias).  Loving the sound, we asked if he would do a mix tape. The result blew us away, and introduced us to his new ideas as Dam Mantle.

After asking Tom to DJ at a few Che Camille parties, we found we were all on the same brain, feeling that Glasgow  has a musical energy unrivaled right now,  that there’s a lot about to explode in the city.
Over the next week we talked about the release, and were happy to announce it will be bouncing off your ears on the 5th of april on a Easter Special holy Halleluwah day.

Unfortunately, in 2011, Che Camille closed the Buchanan street shop, signalling an end to this remarkable record shop era.  However, the record label picked up the slack and continues.

“Dam Mantle’s Debut EP, Grey, was released in Spring 2010 on new Glasgow label Halleluwah Hits and has received rave reviews across the board, with the track ‘Rebong’ featured on influential website Pitchfork’s Forkcast column.”


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