Low-Gain Electronic Announces Two Thousand Six Hundred ARP 2600 Clones


Low-Gain Electronics provides announced that it is offering a ‘build commission service’ for the Two 1000 Six Hundred (ARP 2600 clone) project.

The Two 1000 Six Hundred is a diy 2600 replicated. Low-Gain is offering fully assembled imitations, in two options:

  • One is the desktop case shown above.
  • The other is a portable suit case design case with handle and lid.

According to Low-Gain, the 2600 clone ‘will be built to look like the classic 2600, but will protect your 2600 much better than the original. ”

Price for the assembled Two 1000 Six Hundred synthesizers is US $3, 500. See the Low-Gain site intended for details.

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