Machinewerks CS X51 USB/MIDI Control Surface Designed To Be Stunning & Built To Last


Machinewerks of Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM has announced a Kickstarter project for the CS X51 USB/MIDI Control Surface , a new controller they say was ‘born from the sheer aggravation of not being able to discover the Control Surface all of us wanted. encourages

Here’s a movie introduction to the CS X51:

Machinewerks CS X51 Features:

  • twenty-eight x Potentiometer Rotaries: All completely assignable
  • several x 45mm Potentiometer Sliders: All completely assignable
  • 16 assignable buttons in a fou matrix, each having a nice blue assignable LED (LEDs may respond to clip status messages)
  • UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS and 5 pin DIN MIDI In & Out for complete bi-directional MIDI assistance
  • 9v DC power connector with regard to computerless setups
  • Connect & Perform: UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS Powered*, no drivers required
  • completely programmable midi mapping to any hardware or pc
  • MacOS, Windows & Linux Suitable
  • Works out of the package along with Ableton, Traktor, Reason, Cubase, Reasoning and any other programmable DAW
  • Aluminium Body
  • Anodised Body with Powder Coated Foundation
  • Portable: 390mm x 184mm x 57mm Weighs 1 . 4kg
  • RoHS certified
  • Developed & Built-in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM

Details on the new control are available at the project website.

via TheBlackDog

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