Mixtape Alpha dog – The $42 Polyphonic Synth

Open Music Labs has announced that it plans to create a limited number of the actual Mixtape Alpha dog synthesizer. The particular Mixtape Alpha is a pocket-sized 8-bit synth, filled with four voices, four results, five-note polyphony, document, playback, and more.

Here is what they say regarding Mixtape Alpha dog:

The particular Mixtape Alpha has a stylophone style input for continuous tone era, and six control keys for discrete records. With four voices, four results, and five-note polyphony there is quite a selection of expression. You can even loop the pattern and play an additional part on the top. However the best part is, you can record the tunes you make, and trade mixtapes with your friends! And it comes in its own cassette case, with instructions.

Mixtape Alpha dog was done in collaboration with Jie Qi from your High-Low Tech team at the MIT Press Lab. This? s an effort to break across the barriers between people and electronics: To get them comfortable coming in contact with PCBs, and change expectations about how exactly electronics need to look. To this end, there are resistive touch patches, and all the actual trace routing took appearance into consideration too. They are ideas very acquainted to signal benders, and that we? re wishing they catch on along with other folks too.

The particular manufacturing of the Mixtape Alpha discharge has been crowdfunded, with the synths being available at funding levels starting at kunne $42.

See the project site to find out more.

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