Monome Intros Aleph Open Source Sound Computer


Ezra Buchla (son of Donald Buchla) and John Crabtree (monome) have got introduced Aleph – a Linux-based open source sound computer.

It can be a synthesizer, sampler, looper or drum machine – or, mainly because it’s open source, anything that you are able to develop for it.

Key Features:

  • soundcomputer – powerful audio processor, synthesizer, noise machine, rapidly modifiable instrument. a platform for experimental practice and organic discovery.
  • attachments – connect grid controllers, modular synths, midi keys, stomp boxes, gamepads, hand-made circuits. for more direct control and uncommon pairings.
  • topography – dynamically organize control mappings with unprecedented flexibility. create software control sources for example modulators, logical operators, aleatoric processes, sequencers. all quickly storable and recallable.
  • open source – designed for community engagement, an advantage for musicians and developers alike. an exceptional educational tool. the library of uses and possibilities can only grow.

Here’s what they have to say about this:

aleph is an flexible soundcomputer where synthesis, drum machines, samplers, loopers, and various other opportunities can be implemented with creative mapping and numerous external control methods – attach via USB (grid controllers, knob boxes, MIDI keyboards, gamepads), CV (control voltage for modular synths, foot switches, etc) and computers.

simply put, aleph is a small audio input/output device with a screen, bank of control keys, and series of encoders/knobs. it has the opportunity to host and run a variety of applications created by both monome and the consumer based community surrounding. new applications will be developed, documented and discussed over time. elaborate mappings can be made without writing code by way of an easy menu driven environment and a comprehensive preset system.

Here’s the official intro video for Aleph:

Here’s an overview of Aleph’s online connectivity options:


The Aleph is being made by monome and is priced at $1400. See the monome site for details.

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