NI’s Kinetic Metal Puts Cauldrons, Typewriters, Swords In Motion

Native Instruments this week introduced Kinetic Metal , a new instrument to help producers and sound designers create “ethereal sound beds, moving textures, and delicate, tonal percussion. ”

Comprised of more than 200 multi-layered patches running in NATIONAL INSURANCE Kontakt 5*, Kinetic Metal combines sampled “unconventional” metal objects along with artificial waveforms. The result is a wide range of atmospheric textures, mallet-like prospect sounds, and delicate percussion. Two large, easy-to-use modification wheels allow users to quickly manipulate requirements. An auto-motion feature (explained from around 3: 20 in the video, at the bottom of this story, as being “ like an LFO on steroids “) allows users to set one or both of these wheels turning on their own, providing producers freedom to focus on performance.

Dude, that’s metallic. No, seriously.
NI_KINETIC_METAL_vibrating_coils Kinetic Metal’s patches were created by sound designer Jeremiah Savage. For over a year, Savage recorded a huge inventory of unconventional samples, (rotary phones, typewriters, grammophones, swords and old military fuel tanks, etc . ) choosing the best of them to create the sound palette of Kinetic Metal.

Huge wheels keep on turnin. ’ Each patch is made up of a combination of four of these sampled sounds, in addition four artificial waveforms. The 4 most distinct ‘personalities’ of each custom patch are set as beginning points on Kinetic Metal’s Make wheel. Turning the Forge wheel continuously, clockwise or counterclockwise, morphs the sound through different combinations of those four ‘personalities. ’ An additional 8 sliders in the interface allow guide adjustments to the level of each test and waveform in the mix, permitting precise customization of each patch’s general sound.

Kinetic Metal? s FX wheel offers another level of sound manipulation, managing a set of custom effects that are mapped to blend together as the wheel is turned. Like the Forge wheel, the FX wheel has 4 main settings.

The particular combination of the FX and Make wheels provides a broad range of possibilities for sonic sculpting. Producers may also design their own combinations by adjusting any of the eight effect knobs from the FX wheel — the new environment automatically maps to that position within the FX wheel for instant remember within the session. The Motion key turns Kinetic Metal into a powerful performance instrument, freeing producers to try out chords, melodies or percussion as the textures morph automatically.

System Requirements. Kinetic Metal runs in Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5 and the free Kontakt 5 Player.

Pricing and Availability. Native Instruments’ Kinetic Metallic is available from the NI Online Shop meant for $99 US / 99 Euro / 9, 800 Yen. More information on Kinetic Metal can be found from Native Instruments’ website.

*and the free Kontakt 5 Player.

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