PixiVisor For iOS Now Available, Enables you to Treat Video Because Audio

PixiVisor Programmer Alexander Zolotov has launched PixiVisor for iOS, a new app that allows you to treat video clip as sound.

Why would you want to treat video since sound?

Sending video as sound lets you use your comprehensive toolkit of audio-mangling resources on video. And, with $1. 99, PixiVisor is really a cheap option for experimenting with video clip synthesis.

Here is an intro video for PixiVisor:

Find our initial post on PixiVisor for more illustrations.

PixiVisor contains two parts:

  • Transmission device converts the video (static 64×64 picture or 10FPS animation) in order to sound, pixel through -pixel (progressive scan). This lets you listen to the sound of the image. But the main function of the Transmitter would be to transmit the transmission to receiving products.
  • Recipient converts the sound (from microphone or even Line-in input) to video. You can set the colour palette for this video, and record it to animated GIF file.

PixiVisor is actually $1. 99 in the App Store.

Notice: PixiVisor is actually multi-platform, with versions planned or readily available for Android, Windows, LInux, Mac pc and iOS. See Zolotov’s site for details.

If you’ve used PixiVisor, tell us what you think of it!

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