PUC Provides WiFi To Your Classic MIDI Equipment


Nowadays at Disrupt, Zivix launched the actual PUC and a new device that adds wireless connectivity to the MIDI device and even your vintage synths.

midi-in-wifi-out The actual PUC is actually a wireless CoreMIDI interface that connects any MIDI components device to CoreMIDI-compatible apps. The development of the actual PUC is being financed like a ‘crowdfunded’ IndieGoGo task.

“We’re capable to introduce a lesser that connects heritage MIDI gear to present day mobile technologies, providing accessibility to the exploding quantity of MIDI apps, ” said Zivix Vice President, Chad Koehler.

Here’s an overview of the actual PUC:


  • Wirelessly connects to iOS devices, connecting your controller using a 5-pin DIN EGEN cable
  • Pocket-sized tough design allows for simple portability
  • Mini USB port can power the PUC while in use, or two AA batteries could power PUC
  • one MIDI port: software switchable IN/OUT

The actual PUC will be offered to supporters of the project starting at kunne $69. View the project site to find out more.

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