Samplephonics Releases ‘Analogue Machines’

Samplephonics recently unveiled their new analog(ue) synth emulator, Nevo Analogue Machines , in cooperation with producer Yoad Nevo.

The virtual hybrid analogue synth contains over 17, 500 recordings from 6 “classic” analog synths: Mini Moog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 as well as the Korg MS10. Analogue Machines also includes a ton of presets (1000+), along with an arpeggiator, a sequencer, a chord generator, stereo and chorus effects, reverb and postpone effects, as well as an LFO and ADSR envelopes.

Nevo_Analogue_Machines The collection is available as a custom Kontakt 5 device, and is also available for use with Logic Pro or Reason. Samplephonics reports that the Ableton Live pack is in the works.

Prices and Availability . Samplephonics Nevo Analogue Machines is available now pertaining to download from the Samplephonics Store pertaining to £89 / 150 Euro.

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