StepSequencer ST-S01 – The Classical Step Sequencer For your iPad

Creator Matthias Schorer offers released StepSequencer ST-S01 – the classical step sequencer for any iPad.

ST-S01 functions two modes with possibly 16 steps or maybe more x 8 ways, which are carried out in parallel on 2 MIDI stations.

ST-S01 supports MIDI Clock, Begin, Continue and Stop. Each step of the process comes with an octave and take note selector, in addition to a change which permits skipping a step. In MIDI clock receive setting you are able to slow down or speed up the sequence. MIDI can be received by WIFI and through interfaces just like the Line6 Midi Mobilizer.

Within the demo video, you can view the Step Sequencer ST-S01 actually in operation. The particular ST-S01 is controlled through internal clock. MIDI is delivered to Logic Pro through a Line six Midi Mobilizer plus a Tascam FireOne Midi or Audio interface, which utilized to record the sounds of the vintage synthesizers utilized.

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