Syntaur CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal

syntaur-control-voltage-pedal Syntaur has introduced the CVP-100 Control Voltage Your pedal – a pedal that you can patch into synths that accept control voltages to add control over volume, filter sweeps and more:

Similar to the classic Moog Model 1120 pedal, the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is a control-voltage (CV) resource for use with analog synthesizers. It produces a voltage, the level of which is managed by the pedal, and by plugging the particular 1/4-inch phone plug into a CV input of a synthesizer, you can control filter sweeps, volume, pitch, and so forth This sturdy pedal is a great significant tool for use with your vintage synths!

Here’s a part list of synths that the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is compatible with:

  • Arp Odyssey, Your pedal
  • Korg MS-10, MS-20, any CV inputs
  • Moog Minimoog, any of the 3 External Control Inputs (Loudness, Filter, Oscillator)
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager, any of the Control Inputs
  • Oberheim Matrix 12, Pedal Insight 1 & 2
  • Roland Juno-6, VCF Control
  • Roland Juno-60, VCF Manage
  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Filter CV In
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 & Prophet 10, Control Voltage In
  • Yamaha CS5, Manage Volt In
  • Yamaha CS40M, Filter Foot Control
  • Any modular synthesizer

The Syntaur CVP-100 Manage Voltage Pedal is available for $59. 95 at the Syntaur site.

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