The very best From the 2013 NAMM Display


The particular 2013 NAMM Show was as good as any we can keep in mind, when it comes to new synths and electronic music gear. There were new synths all over, analog made a big return, multiple vendors launched control voltage gadgets, there were unique new music controllers and much more.

Listed below are our picks for the best of the show.

The very best From the 2013 NAMM Display

They are presented in no particular order, but represent probably the most fascinating and amazing new gear of the show.


The new Korg MS-20 Small is a huge strike with Synthtopia readers and turned a lot of heads in the show, as well.

For years, readers were asking companies in order to re-release their traditional synths. With the MS-20 Small, Korg has not only recreated a classic synth, but they’ve made the particular semi-modular synthesizer surprisingly affordable, as well.

Other notable new monosynths introduced at the show range from the new Moog Subwoofer Phatty and also the Dubreq Stylophone S2.


Sawzag Smith’s new Prophet twelve polyphonic synthesizer was a huge surprise in the show, one which had people on the show floor competing for a spot to try it out.

This might sound great, and also the specs are impressive enough that readers debated whether it could be the best polyphonic synth ever. Exactly where it sits in the synth pantheon will not be settled for a long period, but it’s clearly a creature synth to be believed along with.

Additionally worth noting is the Elektron Analog 4 synthesizer. While it is been out for a couple months, the particular Analog 4 was introduced with huge hype in November and also the feedback from early users has just continual that hype.


Lastly, the particular Buchla Electronic Music Tools Electrical Music Box was a welcome surprise.

At 4K, it isn’t really what most of us would possibly consider ‘affordable’ but it’s a fraction of the price of a Buchla 200e system, and it provides a bit of synth background into a new framework, where it will be more available for all sorts of musicians to make new music with it.


The particular Eurorack Modular Synthesizer was represented in full drive with this year’s NAMM Display, with modules on display from dozens of vendors, including audio, video and MIDI controller segments.

A lot more than any one component or vendor, the state of the particular Eurorack platform is exactly what struck us at the show – vibrant and much more alive than modular synthesis has ever been. The modular synth above captures the state of Eurorack modulars in a photo – multi-colored, complex and complete of options.


MIDI connects aren’t usually your most sexy piece of gear, but iConnectivity is challenging that by packing the iConnectMIDI4+ with excellent connectivity options, throughout hardware synths, software program synth, PCs and iOS gadgets.

Even better, it fees your idevices and lets you route audio from idevices digitally to your computer.


Talking about MIDI, the particular AlphaSphere receives our nod for creative MIDI controller in the show. Congrats to the developers for taking an original approach to controllers that may encourage users to learn playing in innovative ways.


Akai’s MAX25 is not as freaky or ‘out there’ because the AlphaSphere – but it is sensible, flexible and affordable. Even better, it’s similarly at home being used as a pad controller, a MIDI keyboard controller or controlling control voltage gear. Add in a step sequencer and feel faders and queries a controller such as nothing else avalable.

All of us also were amazed at the controllers that Nektar was showing. Nektar introduced the particular Nektar P4 controller with regard to Propellerhead Reason just last year, and now they have a full line of three sophisticated MIDI controllers, such as the new Panorama P1.


In the area of DISC JOCKEY gear, one of the most fascinating new announcements is the Numark Orbit controller. It’s an invisible handheld MIDI controller. They’re marketing it as a DJ gadget, but it is MIDI – so we see it being an inexpensive wireless controller that you could use for control about something that responds in order to MIDI. It’s got 16 multi-color LED patches, but this really is multiplied by 4 bank controllers. We are looking forward to viewing how people utilize this.


Right now there wasn’t much in the way of official DAW news with this year’s NAMM Display. However Cakewalk was demoing the latest version of Sonar and its new multitouch interface.

Sonar X2a’s feel interface augments traditional mouse and keyboard control, accelerating many actions along the way. Navigation, scrolling through periods and zooming in upon areas to edit are all quick and user-friendly using multitouch gestures. As multitouch goes mainstream, Cakewalk is ahead of the competition, pairing the ease of use of the iPad with the power of an adult pc DAW.


The best software teaser from your show was in the Bitwig booth, where they were demoing Bitwig Recording studio. Bitwig Recording studio is packed with smart suggestions – it’s such as Ableton Live rebuilt from the beginning, benefiting from all the possibilities of a decade of software and hardware advances. Whilst Max For Live is definitely an add-on in order to Ableton Stay, verything is made on a modular framework in Bitwig Recording studio. It’s happy working on multiple screens, with multiple periods open or with multiple people on multiple computer systems in multiple locations working the same period. They didn’t wish to hype Bitwig Recording studio yet, because they are still beta testing this – but Bitwig Recording studio hypes alone.


This year’s NAMM Show also saw the reintroduction of the Gittler Electric guitar – a boutique electric guitar from the 80′s that dispensed with decades of electric guitar custom.

The particular Gittler Guitar is founded on the idea that your electric guitar sound should start with the purest signal, absent of coloration, to give each musician maximum control over their strengthen. Gittler Instruments also claims “the best obtainable synth tracking on the market today”.

Sadly, very few suppliers were showing software program synths, sound libraries or iOS music programs. It will be great when NAMM organizers could find out a way to make the show viable for more soft synth programmers and mobile app programmers. The Show is a place where all the major music retailers can come and get an understanding of what’s happening in the wonderful world of music technology – and, currently, it isn’t really a complete picture.


Overall, this particular year’s NAMM Show was a great one with regard to electronic musicians.

Now that you’ve seen our own ‘Best of the NAMM Show’ selections, let us know everything you think! Were these the best stuff you’ve seen introduced this season – or do other introductions impress a person much more?

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