Videodrome 147 – This month’s greatest videos

Every month, Moritz Gayard sifts through the deluge of new music videos so you don’t have to.

Let us dive into the A/V world once more. This month, I fell in love with the shockingly talented and mysterious Minnesota-based artist Spooky Black—that’s their video below, in the first spot. There’s also an instant classic through LA-duo 18+, fresh material through Berlin-based artists Call Super and Low Concept (AKA Physical Treatment and Renaissance Man), and much more.

#1 Spooky Dark – “Reason” , directed by Harry Sutherland

I’m heavily addicted to this young lad. His aesthetic can be quite shocking; this particular clip is filled with dark pop elements, visible static, censorship, and wind simulation.

#2 18+ – “Crow” , self-directed

Don’t miss 18+’s nice little vid for catchy track “Crow. ” It shows nothing but befuddling, grainy, monochrome images.

#3 Sasha Go Hard – “My Story , directed by @apjfilms

In her most recent video, Chicago rapper Sasha Move Hard takes everyone on a trip down memory lane in her most recent visual, “My Story. ” This joint can be found on Sasha’s Feels So Good mixtape.

#4 Girl Band – “De Excelente Bom”

Bring the noise! Here’s a kaleidoscopic clip for GB’s rip-roaring new single. If you’re in Berlin, don’t miss their live gig at ACUD this Saturday.

#5 Suuns – “Sunspot” , directed by Ben Shemie

Suuns has revealed the follow-up to last year’s Images Du Future LP: a 30+ music movie for their glorious post-punk track “Sunspot, ” which features extensive footage associated with compulsive hand-washing. Watch the full extravaganza above.

#6 FaltyDL – “New Haven” , directed by Blair Neal & Kyle McDonald

Another standout video through of VICE’s Creators Project designed for Ninja Tune sweetheart FaltyDL.

#8 Low Idea – “Bugz” , self-directed

Next week, Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man will certainly unleash their debut EP as Low Concept. Since I can’t wait for the full release, I’ve been watching this video over and over again.

#9 Call Super – “Sulu Sekou” , directed by Lydia Corry

Berlin-based artist Call Super falls some unexpectedly minimal compositions here. This one is from his album, which is absolute fire and falls later this month.

#10 Shabazz Palaces – “#CAKE” , directed by Hiro Murai

Here we have a pretty mind-blowing movie from another one of our favorite information of the year, Shabazz Palaces’ Lese Majesty . This one is for “#CAKE. ” It’s out there now on Sub Pop.

#11 Lee Gamble — “Mimas Skank” , guided by Dave Gaskarth

Birmingham-via-London based developer Dave Gaskarth has crafted this stunning video for Lee Gamble’s “Mimas Skank. ” Check it out just before his highly-anticipated PAN LP comes in a few weeks.

#12 Jabu – “Chamber” , directed by Harry Wright

This was precisely what I needed. Jabu’s new video, the dark and moody “Chamber, ” is the follow-up to his astonishing Kwadian EP from final month.

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