We now have the password to hack in to HARD’s website

HARD is rolling out their particular lineup in one of the most creative advertising maneuvers of the year. The celebration is toying with our voracious desire to consume voluminous quantities of information at an extremely fast pace by slowly leaking information for their festival at dial-up speed. For individuals who have been alive long enough to remember, receiving a fax isn’ t exactly lightning fast. In fact , it’ s tantalizingly slow, and with a lockdown associated with HARD’ s website that’ ersus just begging to be hacked, onc, the internet does not know how to respond.

Unlocking HARD’ s web site doesn’ t yield much info, though hackers are presented with an ominous, 13-second clip of the post-apocalyptic wasteland the world would presumably turn out to be without the internet. #RIPTHEINTERNET surely points to more information about the festival to follow along with very soon.

With the initial crumbs of information on HARD Summer season 2016 starting to fall, hopefully the web sleuths can redeem their great names and find the festival’ ersus lineup before HARD feeds us the entire cookie.

Crack HARD’ s site using the password: PANDA.

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