What Do I Need To Start Producing Electronic Music?

I have been listening to electronic music for years and would love to have a go a creating my own, however I have next to no idea how to start or how much it will cost (by electronic music i mean artists from daft punk to skrillex or even deadmau5)
What do i need to begin?

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  1. Claire says:

    Start with an easy professional software. The ones I am recommending is Dub Turbo. Quick Review: 1. Compatible with Mac, Pc, and android 2. Easy, less complex and very friendly. 3. Professional music output (export yoru file to 44.1 stereo. wav file 4. You can use it to create rap beats, remixes, techno tunes, dubstep and other kinds of electronic music. 5. One of the cheapest in the market (around $39)

  2. Jonathan Cooper says:

    First of all you need a pretty new laptop or desktop. A nice pair of speakers or headphones wouldnt hurt either. Then you will need to choose a DAW software (music producing software). I would say FL Studio for a beginner software and then when you get better and used to it I would suggest to move to Abelton, Reason, Pro Tools, or Logic. It does help to get synthesizers if your looking to make your own sounds or music. Audio workstation keyboards are great too. Suggestions are just watch alot of tutorial videos.

  3. Mormo says:

    There is a awesome music studio you can download pretty cheap called Dubturbo. You can make any style of professional quality music you want with this software.

  4. Alex says:

    Instead of paying for this expensive software, get it free from kat.ph or the pirate bay. I make my Dubstep with 3 different programs. I use Magix Music Maker, Skrillex uses Ableton, And deadmau5 uses FL studio.

  5. ☢ ASOT600 ☢ says:

    FL Studio. It is used by 90% of producers. http://www.youtube.com/howtomakeemusic Check out this guy’s tutorials. He’s amazing.

  6. Sing it says:

    You need a time machine to go to 1992 and visit the two weeks electronic music was cool.

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