Why Do You Love Or Hate Electronic Music?

If you love it, what’s so special? If you hate it, what’s so bad?
I love electronic music because it’s like classical in a way. Electronics are frequently used in music these days, so they add some magic touch (not Autotune though) to it.

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6 Responses to Why Do You Love Or Hate Electronic Music?

  1. MM's says:

    i listen to a lot of ambient/chill/lounge…..i think that is electronic music and i love it

  2. lol hi says:

    I listen to it about 1000 times and I get bored of it. I don’t necessarily hate it, it’s just that when it’s over-used… I start to not like it anymroe.

  3. Forever 13, not 21 ☮ says:

    You’re talking about an electronic as if it’s techno music. You do know an electronic is an animate object right, not music itself? :]

  4. Kimberle says:

    I love house sound the music has a distinctive beat and sound perfect for clubs.

  5. Allister says:

    Neither, it’s ok

  6. Intrigui says:

    I don’t prefer Electronic music. It is just not my thing.

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