Earn a copy associated with Depeche Mode’s “Heaven” COMPACT DISC single, autographed through Sawzag Gahan

You might not have observed, but Depeche Mode have got a brand new album, Delta Machine , coming out later this month. We’re even having a special, one-off event in Vienna together to enjoy, that you can win tickets for. As though that weren’t enough, now we’ve obtained five CD public (pictured above), signed through Sawzag Gahan , to give away. This features the album edition of their latest single “Heaven” along with another “Steps in order to Heaven” mix and a Matthew Dear versus Audion combine, as well as remixes through Owlie and Blawan.

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In the meantime, watch the video for “Heaven” below:

Both with video tape. tv | Obtain “Heaven” + remixes here.
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